Electrostatic Theory is wrong!

A random collection of thoughts and experiments in electrostatics.


This is an attempt at offering a new understanding of electrical theory which is currently a mixture experiments done by candlelight over a hundred years ago, the results of which were enormously influenced by popular thought of their day, and what I believe is a lot of well meaning science fiction.

The idea that there are two types of electricity came from the understanding at the time of magnetism. Positive and negative charges proved a sound reasoning for charge dissipation.

Though we can accurately define the properties of magnetism the concept of positive and negative magnetic fields are purely an analogy in an attempt to understand magnetism’s physical properties. Placing a label on a particular measurable physical behaviour offers us no insight of what is causing the movement. As we are familiar with magnetic lines of force we must assume that any impetus is created by movement itself which in turn influences all matter to a greater or lesser degree depending on it’s transpearancy to the applied force.

A vacuum acts as a perfect insulator of both sound and heat because there is no medium for transference. Yet light and electricity (or charge), which is theoretically a transfer of electrons and photons are not affected. For light in a vacuum, we have to assume that there remains enough free photons for light to remain completely unaffected. Alternatively a better explanation is that light is a disturbance in the electromagnetic spectrum wavelengths which travel freely through seemingly empty space. In this way ‘particles’ would have no place in explaining light.

If a star was continuously  emitting enough light “particles” in every direction to allow us to view it in detail trillions of kilometers away, the dissipation of “matter” would be impossibly large. Our nearest star is close to 397 trillion km away.  Enough particles to allow our eye, a few milimeters in diameter to view this star for one second would be amazing, but the spherical dissipation of matter or “photons” over 4,986 trillion square km, every second of every year, over millions of year is impossible. Our night sky contains millions of stars visible to the naked eye and most of these stars  are 1,000 times this distance.  When we view light as simply a wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum then the concept light traveling over these distances is easier to understand. Though science tells us space is a vacuum. How can a wave form travel trillions of kilometers without a medium? It can’t! While the plasma cosmology offers an almost viable alternative it still explains everything in terms of particles.

For electricity in a vacuum, the theory of charge separation and atoms exchanging electrons would mean that a vacuum being void of these ‘particles’ would act as a perfect insulator. My own experiments show that while this initially appears correct, a vacuum can be filled with electrostatic pressure by placing a charged plate in the vacuum. There are many interesting things about this experiment which I will detail in time. Firstly I noted that a self organising magnetic field formed around the vacuum chamber and held the charge long after the charge was cut off. I was able to draw a spark from the vacuum chamber up to two days after the charge was introduced. Rather than the vacuum acting as an insulator, it acted as a perfect conductor. Any charge within the vacuum chamber was immediately and evenly distributed throughout the chamber. To my mind it also confirms that empty space is not empty at all. Vast charges or plasmas exist in space which form self-organising electromagnetic fields (vortex rings). Electrons or protons are supposed to behave like little magnets. How can an electrically dense cloud possibly form in the vacuum if like charges are repelled by these powerful electromagnetic forces? Shouldn’t the ‘particles be thrown apart or shouldn’t the cloud immediately dissipate into its oppositely charged environment. Anybody who has every played with magnets will be familiar with the very strong forces between them.

Another thought is the distances between atoms are so vast that the idea of an electron jumping from one atom to the next would be analogous to our moon being ripped away out of orbit by another solar system light years away, because it was imbalanced, then being put back in orbit around the earth when it was no longer needed.  Imagine then the amount of electrons that would be needed to be exchanged to create the many trillions of volts that are exchanged in your day.

The following is not a complete theory but a study of observed phenomena and the possible mechanisms at play. It hopefully raises a number of questions that may form the foundation of further contribution by accomplished and knowledgeable professionals in this area. It offers a fundamentally atypical view that explains static electricity as simple and elegant, and provides a better understanding of magnetism, electricity and valuable clues on understanding gravitational forces.

Some of the ideas presented here present a subtle change of our established understanding of charge; two of the ideas present a dramatic change yet still fit with all known experimental observations.

Electrostatic phenomena arise from the forces that electric charges exert on each other. Such forces are described by Coulomb’s law. Even though electrostatically induced forces seem to be rather weak, the electrostatic force between e.g. an electron and a proton, that together make up a hydrogen atom, is about 40 orders of magnitudestronger than the gravitational force acting between them. – Wiki

My concept of electrostatics:

Electrostatics commonly refers to the build up of a charge imbalance on the surface of an object. Electrostatic charge imbalance occurs when any two surfaces contact and separate, the effects of the apparent charge exchange are usually unnoticed as the charge almost immediately dissipates through the air and surrounding surfaces. When at least one of the surfaces is a poor conductor and has a high resistance to electrical flow, impeding the natural dissipation of the charge, the familiar effects of static electricity can be observed.

A charge imbalance can also be accumulated through charge transfer as in a Van Der Graaff generator.

Like an author describing an alien environment Charles Francois Du Fay in 1733 stated there are two types of electricity. While this successfully explained observed phenomena it was analogous to saying there are two types of water. The very fabric of the universe was to be theoretically divided for another 280 years.

While this article does not blatantly suggest that there is not negative and positive electricity, it will question the mechanisms at play in commonly observed electrostatic phenomena.

Current theory of Charge Separation.
Electrostatic charge is thought to be the observed charge imbalance brought about through charge separation. An example would be where two different objects in the Triboelectric series are separated resulting in one object becoming positively charged and the other negative. With the use of a coulomb meter the resulting negative and positive charges can be easily measured at the point of separation.

My observations

EXPERIMENT: Place a compass near a statically charged object and it will also show magnetic forces at play. Magnetic forces relate to the flow of charge.

EXPERIMENT: Place a coulomb meter on a charged object to observe the effects of charge separation. Examine the top, bottom and rear of the charged object and the opposite of the expected charge can also be observed.

If electrostatic charge is only the result of charge separation then a charged object cannot end up with both charges. Some other phenomena is being observed here.

To demonstrate this more dramatically a Van Der Graff generator was used to create large amounts of charge. One end of a wire was connected to the dome of the generator, the other to a terminal that discharged within a vacuum flask acting as a capacitor. Once again the magnetic flow can be measured using a compass and, utilising a coulomb meter as field meter – ensuring that a careful distance is maintained to avoid a destructive discharge – both a strong negative (at the base) and a strong positive (at the top) flows can be observed whereas is it assumed that there is only one type of electricity charging the capacitor.

If the created charge were the result of charge separation, or charge transfer, that is electrons moving from one object to another, then it would be impossible for charged object to have two types of charge.

Another anomaly is that if oppositely charged surfaces are brought together it should be expected with our present understanding that the charges should immediately cancel each other out. That they retain an attraction to each other even after being brought together demonstrates that this charge cancelation does not occur.

Charge dissipation is one of the most important concepts in understanding electrostatics. Charge can only exist in one of two states, balanced or imbalanced.

When dissipating, charge radiates outward in every direction behaving much like a burst balloon would dissipate air pressure. The difference is that certain substances (conductors) offer less resistance to the dissipating electrostatic pressure assisting or acting as a conduit for balancing the charge quicker. A charge carried along a conducting path acts in the same way, dissipating charge radially, always spreading to the greatest surface area, unless it is carried by the conductor to a distant point of dissipation. The simple laws of dispersion dictate the radial forces. This radial dissipation also illustrates how a charge will always be carried along the outermost surface of a conductor. Thus it can be stated that electrostatics tends to be a surface phenomena.

The That they don’t demonstrates the appearance of opposite charges may be simply a product of the magnetic fields and not the charge itself.

An imbalanced charge will always generate a self-organising magnetic field, which relates to flow.

Electrostatic phenomena include many examples as simple as the attraction of the plastic wrap to your hand after you remove it from a package, to the apparently spontaneous explosion of grain silos, to the damage of electronic components during manufacturing, to the operation of photocopiers.

The phenomena of charge separation can be experimentally explained as a magnetic phenomenon. The created charge is stored in a self-organising magnetic field.

Measuring the current with a coulomb meter will only show the flow of current in relation to the induced magnetic field. The idea that a charged object is either positive or negatively charged is wrong as the charged object will have both charges one at either end.

It is resistance to this

An electrical spark or discharge occurs when an electrical path or conductor is introduced at a point where the electrostatic build up or pressure is greater than the surrounding air pressure. It is found to be around 30kv per centimetre against 1kg of air pressure at sea level. This will vary with both altitude and humidity. .????

Charge a perspex rod and you will find the localised field is strongly attracted to a flat sheet of paper yet exerts no force on any object on the other side of the sheet. The paper will be attracted to the charged rods regardless of their polarity.

The static charge establishes a self organising magnetic field. Much like the way water spirals down a drain. The weaker magnetic force is responsible for the remaining attractive and repulsive forces which are normally attributed to the polarity of the static charge, demonstrating that these forces are separate to the more dramatic displays of static charge.

In another demonstration, within a vacuum jar, we have placed a metal plate connected externally to an electrostatic generator, next to this we have placed a graphite-coated polystyrene ball tied to a thread. When the electrostatic generator is started the graphite ball swings wildly attracted and repelled by the charged plate. (Collecting and dissipating charge). Though when the jar is evacuated the charge no longer has any effect on the graphite ball.

The concept of polarity has been deliberately left out as it introduces another perquisite for charge dissipation. This is not necessary in understanding electrostatic pressure. The attractive and repulsive forces of charge are explained later.

Dry air is a very poor conductor of electrostatic charge and as such is acted upon by the charge. Charge repels the air much like it would any other insulator.

Electrostatic pressure exists in an inversely proportional relationship to air pressure. This may occur because air, particularly dry air is an insulator. It is tempting to say that electrostatic pressure exists in an inverse relationship to matter.

Although we live in a world where very high electrical potentials are constantly being charged and discharged, under normal circumstances a person rarely encounters an imbalanced charge as it is immediately dissipated through the air or surrounding surfaces. When the air humidity is low the air acts as an insulator slowing the charge dissipation on other insulators.


Apply polystyrene balls to a vandergraaff generator and they will be drawn to the generator by the low air pressure. As the balls gain electrostatic pressure that they are incapable of dissipating they will jump and rotate until the entire ball is coated. When the ball is entirely coated the electrostatic pressure will overcome the low air pressure and fling the balls away from the generator.

The fact that any material light enough will be attracted to the generator irrespective of it’s electrical properties demonstrates that it is not electricity doing the work.

Electrostatic pressure is and atmospheric pressure are the inverse of each other. High atmospheric pressure equals low electrostatic pressure. High electrostatic pressure equals low air pressure. Current Electrostatic theory is wrong in that it explains accumulated electric charge as the result of the transfer of electrons from one object onto another.

Correct electrostatic theory is that a buildup of electrostatic pressure is caused by low air pressure plus the inability of an object to dissipate the charge. Quickly pull two plastic sheets apart in cool dry air and they will repel each other, both having gained electrostatic pressure. The same applies to some fabrics. The concept of charge transference is proven wrong as both objects become simultaneously charged and repel each other. The charge is the result of the momentary lower air pressure caused by the items being pulled apart and the materials inability to immediately dissipate the corresponding rise in charge. The air is violently repelled in much the same way as a charged polystyrene ball is flung from a van de graaph generator. As both the air and charge have little mass the effect tends to be dramatic.

Lightening occurs where there is an imbalanced charge caused by rapid drop in air pressure and a corresponding rise electrostatic pressure. The charged cold dry air normally resides much higher in the atmosphere. The cool dry air is incapable if dissipating the imbalanced charge. In the case of a thunderstorm the warm air which contains a lot of moisture
The turbulent weather brings the charge carrying air much closer to the ground. The enormous charge imbalance quickly dissipates through the surrounding moist air. Often to ground.

Zero point energy exists as a balanced charge, held in place and in existence because of the vacuum.

Experiment: test the effect of vacuum on electrostatic field. Does it still attract without air pressure? No

Explains why insulators gather an electrostatic charge but at the same time Act as an insulator.

Experiment: place a jar with compressed air face to a vandergraph generator and see of the attraction forces are affected. Use bees wax to seal the rim to th VG.

Two glass rods rubbed with silk, become charged with static electricity, and repel each other and two ebonite rods rubbed with fur, become charged with static electricity, and repel each other.  However the charged glass rods attract the charged ebonite rods .   It has been accepted by convention that the glass rods have become positively charged and the ebonite rods have become negatively charged.   The processes result in the silk acquiring a negative charge and the fur acquiring a positive charges.

A positive charge means that the object has lost electrons and is no longer electrically neutral.   Each electron lost results in an increase of charge of +1.6 x 10-19 coulombs.   since electric charge is conserved, the system (glass rod and silk together) maintains a net charge of 0.

A negative charge means that the object has gained electrons.   Each electron gained results in a charge change of -1.6 x 10-19 coulombs.

The following list shows part of the tribo-electric sequence.   When any two substances shown in this list are rubbed together, the top one will become positively charged while the lower one will become negatively charged.    The further apart the two substances are in the list, the greater the electrification.

Fur (rabbit)
Fur (cat)
Human skin, Aluminum
Copper, Brass
India rubber

Charged adhesive tape
A simple and illuminating example of the effects of static electricity can be observed using adhesive tape http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pressure_Sensitive_Tape, charged by peeling. For example, Scotch tape http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotch_tape is on the negative side of the triboelectric series, hence tends to gain electrons and acquire negative charge.[25] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static_electricity#cite_note-Tape-24
If a length of tape adhered to a smooth surface is rapidly peeled off, the tape acquires an excess negative charge (generally polypropylene http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polypropylene with an acrylic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrylic_resin adhesive.)[26] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static_electricity#cite_note-tape_material-25%5Bdead link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Link_rot%5D Do this with two lengths of tape and they repel each other, which demonstrates that like charges repel. Each individual length of tape is at least slightly attracted to almost any object, as the presence of the excess negative charge induces a charge separation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static_electricity#Charge_induced_charge_separation in nearby objects. Negative charges are pushed farther away, while positive charges are attracted, and the strength of the attractive and repulsive forces http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Force falls off quite rapidly with distance http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverse-square_law. This effect is most pronounced in materials such as metals http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal, that conduct electricity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_conductor, as the negative charges are free to move within the material.
Finally, try attaching two lengths of tape together, exhaling on them along the entire length to neutralize the charge, then rapidly pulling them apart. There will be some imbalance in the distribution of negative charge between the two pieces such that one is more positive and the other more negative; you should now find that the two lengths of tape attract each other, demonstrating the fact that opposite charges attract. Attaching the adhesive side of one length of tape to the non-adhesive side of the other reduces the chance of tearing and increases the charge imbalance, and hence the strength of the attractive force

The idea of an echange of electrons is as difficult to accept as the idea of the earth losing it’s moon to some distant star some light yeas away. Then with our solar system feeling unbalanced, attracting it back again.

Key terms

Electrostatic pressure. Electrostatic pressure is normally referred to as voltage or charge.

Imbalanced charge. The collection of an unsustainable charge.

Balanced charge. A sustained or fully dispersed charge.

Charge dissipation. An imbalanced charge must dissipate via the path of least resistance to a point where balance is restored.

Experiment: see if there is a self-organising magnetic field around a Van Dr Graff generator. Yes

Experiment: see if the Casimir effect can be amplified by increasing the electrostatic charge. Result. Unable to find iron without a weak magnetic field.

Experiment: Measure the drop in charge after oppositely charged rods come in contact. Does the drop in charge match the dissipation into the coulomb meter capacitor?

Experiment: Test to see if a charged rod is affected by a magnet. If so, test strength of response against normal charged rods.


55 Responses to Electrostatic Theory is wrong!

  1. We have forgotten Gauss’s Law on the “electrostatic equilbrium on surfaces.” The solid magentic ball spinning underneath our Earth is bringing it’s loose particles up to the surface creating an electrostatic force. We know from all experiments that any materials made of atoms falls into the Earth, nothing escapes this gravitational force. click on science… Web: rolandechobirds.com (email is) roland@rolandechobirds.com: Purdue Unv. Book Print: U.S. Patent 5,772,445 (inventor)

  2. bill morley says:

    I think “gravity” is a manifestation of entropy/heat loss which is a manifestation of dark energy – if one were to put a heated plate in outer space and measure it’s heat loss I think you will find that if you can measure a small amount of gravity from that experiment you will see wha I mean, peter lu told me he agreed with that a few years ago

    • Roland says:

      Dear Bill,

      you want to check out Crookes experiments on Attraction and Repulsion of bodies with different temperature in a Vacuum. I think you are spot on!!!!!!

    • noneya says:

      My opinion is that there is something missing.Lost in the past experiments done with elect.,mag.,electrons,protons,ECT. Need to go back and slowly double check experiments done in the 100 yrs.min.

  3. Bill… Look at my paper (rolandechobirds.com) click on Science… It is becoming obvious that nothing escapes the electrostatic force, experiments are proving these facts. It is the loose particles that jump up to the surface (motion of mass) from the solid magnetic ball inside the earth that creates the electrostatic force. Nothing escapes the electrostatic force, experiments prove this fact, in fact we can walk upside down in space if the electrostatic plate is strong enough (anti-gravity). It the Guassian Law! We live on a balloon called the Moho cover (plastic zone), the dark matter is the flux lines of the magnetic field we live in. Sincerely, Roland

  4. katesisco says:

    Miles Mathis explains it best; charge as a photon spinning due to bombardment/collision with other photons produces magnetism. The problem is that we are in an unblanced system with much more matter than antimatter, hence great gravity and less electrical action. A balanced system is more electrical and less magnetic.

    It is rather late in the day to be conflicted about electricity.

  5. katesisco says:

    Miles Mathis says it best. Charge is created by photons being bombarded/collided with other photons. Our system is unbalanced with a greater proportion of matter and less anti matter, hence we have max gravity and low electricity. A balanced system has less gravity and more electricity. Both require ions. His site: milesmathis.com

    It is rather late in the day to be conflicted about electricity.

  6. I sent you info.. (rolandechobirds.com)

  7. “Reminder” Motion of mass creates the electrostatic field. Photons is made of electric particles which is in motion! We know, nothing escapes the electrostatic force even neutrons which is made of electric particles (info.rolandechobirds.com). Perhaps we have to come to the realization that gravity (gravitons) may be the invisible flux lines (dark energy) of the electrostatic/magnetic force. We know, the only force ever discovered is the electromagnetic force, all else is still in theory. And a thought? “If our system were really unbalanced, would we be alive? To me, it is becoming obvious that the electrostatic, magnetic, and electric forces are one and the same (Inverse Sq. Laws) and that gravity does not exist! Einstein sincerely believed that there were flaws in his 1916 paper. Before he died, he wrote a letter on this infomation. Sincerely, Roland

    • Thanks Roland. Gravity itself does not exist as a disparate force. Gravity is simply the recognition that all objects are moving towards the mass of the earth at the same speed. I agree all forces are one.

  8. Thanks Rob: I sincerely believe, we must re-examine the inverse sq. laws and it’s relationship to the Gaussian laws on the “electrostatic force which is has an equilibrium on ALL surfaces” now that we have discovered recently on July 18, 1996 (front page NYTimes), that the center of the earth is a “solid magnet!” This follows Gauass’s laws which he received when studying with Michael Faraday! WOW! In fact, this means… we can now create “artificial gravity!” If you charge up a plate in space creating an electrostatic field, all materials including human beings will “attract” to the plate. WOW! This is obvious, from everyday laboratory experiments. Sincerely, Roland (see, rolandechobirds.com, click on science)

    • Roland, I’ll follow up your comments and references with great interest. I note that from my own experiments that a charged plate attracts all objects regardless of their electrical properties. Objects that are unable to dissipate the charge in turn become charged and are repelled. It’s fascinating to watch a polystyrene ball vibrate on a charged plate, turning itself around until the whole ball is painted with electricity before it is then repelled. If you have any links please send them through. I have a special interest in electrostatics. I have been told that it is far too late to be questioning this science but I completely disagree. Electricity is the fabric of our universe but this in itself is only motion and pressure. Both matter and motion continuously move through what we call “empty” space. And we know from the laws of thermodynamics and wave studies that no motion exists independently. The earth is bombarded or part of a massive electrical pressure wave from the sun. We call this gamma rays or X-rays etc but these are vibratory expressions of the one larger force. It’s a big conversation but a fascinating one. Cheers. r.

  9. Rob: Yes! We must come to the realization, that we dismissed the “electrostatic force” when Michael Faraday discovered “electricity!” (motion of mass) Please, read about the study of insects that I experimented on a hempishpere (rolandechobirds.com). Amazing! I also now have invented the “electric radiometer” and clearly understand the electromagentic waves moving thru “empy space.” This info will come out soon, I’m now working with universities and corporate sponsors. Good to see you are studing the “electrostatic force” (motion of mass) this electrical force is what is creating LIFE! Please keep in communcations with me. Call me anytime. My number is 845-765-1480 Sincerely, Roland

  10. Abe says:

    I’m glad I bumped into this blog. I’ve been thinking along similar lines for a while. There’s an interesting space experiment that throws only makes sense within this new explanation of electrostatics. http://www.geekosystem.com/water-droplets-in-space/

  11. Rob… Sooner or later we will have to review Gaussian Laws on the “Electrostatic Equilibrium on Surfaces” which he learned from Michael Faraday! Motion of mass from that round solid ball inside Earth may be creating more of a major role than we think on the gravitation field upon the Life of the Earth. “Frictional Force” as Newton described it! Meantime, See RoctekHub: “Solar Electric Sun Bulb!” electric radiometer! and (solarexpojam.com) Roland

  12. Bill… Sincere thanks for Crooks experiments on Earth… like to see some of them conducted in space where there’s no electrostatic force? Also, I recently experimented and filmed that if you create a ball of an electrostatic force from dry clothes right after you take your clothes out of the dryer, a long string will appear to only point to the of it’s own center of gravity and not the Earths! Like the spider on a hemisphere, when it slowly goes down about 3″ to our center of our gravity earth, and you charge inside the hemisphere, the spider’s web no longer point it’s web to our earth’s gravity, it points to the charged hemisphere gravitational field when you motion the hemisphere at different angles! WOW! Explain that! Roland (rolandechobirds.com)

  13. angelo says:

    Hi all, I try to replicate Mr. George S. Piggott experiments, he was able to lift objects spheres few grams. image link http://www.rexresearch.com/piggott/fig1.jpg

  14. martin says:

    a great attempt to explain these forces and there actions but with it such failure. in forty years of studying electric and magnetic forces I can only partly agree with some of the conclusions you have come to. the major point being that I can have magnet currents and electric charges moving on wires totally independent of each other.

  15. Electrostatic research represents a vast energy source that would cost the end user almost nothing to exploit. Got to keep the unwashed masses in line by controlling their access to energy, so this subject is not usually discussed or taught in schools.

    If you spark static electricity into an automotive coil, the coil will lower the voltage and raise the amps. After that, it can be pulsed into a battery and stored. A home battery charger might be an insulated wire 400 feet or longer, strung at least 10 feet high. Put an automotive spark plug on the end and set it to discharge into an automotive coil. Once it’s out of the coil it will have enough amps and voltage to go into a battery. Static naturally charges that wire, so it’s almost free of cost to the end user.

    Another option is to use the spark to affect a magnet’s field. If you set a magnet and a coil (both stationary) in proximity to one another, then discharge static electricity within the magnet’s field, that field will move. The coil will react to that movement and transduce electricity. (Magnet’s field moves because a plasma burst creates a short but intense magnetic field of it’s own, and we know what happens if a magnetic field suddenly appears within a permanent magnet’s field.)

    These two techniques could partially address the world’s energy needs. It will never be explored, accepted, or taught.

  16. We must remember, all mass (which is electromagnetic) is in “motion” throughout the universe, and is creating a constant electromagnetic flux lines surrounding its mass whether they dependent or independent of each other. To me what is most important, is the Gaussian Laws. See rolandechobirds.com (click on Science)

  17. Have you or any of your friends in science heard that it has been known generally that electrostatic is not completely understood? As a student in about 1960, in physics lectures, I understood that there were questions then and the thinking that something was incomplete and/or incorrectbaboutvelectrostatics. Further, the search for a unified field theory showed the need for further work was needed.

    Is it possible that the answer to further knowledge on the theory of Electrostatic is potentially a part of the need for a Unified Field Theory or a part of that need could be filled by more and greater understanding of why You see a need for explanation in a different way, just what gravity is, also what is anti-gravity.

    Have you considered that the relation between earth’so gravity & that of the moon is one of gravity & antigravity.

    Consider the force of gravity of the moon on the tides of earth’s bodies of water. That could show that the earth’so gravity – the moon’so gravity leaves a sum, arithmetical sum, of gravity less that of the moon, showing that the water (tides) have gone up if it is high tide, and anti-gravity caused it to rise.

    Likewise, you refer to light, if it is particles, expends itself way before it could possibly reach earth if it truly is matter or particles.

    Consider one thing you mentioned, the action of a Van DeGraft genrrator, the charge enters the globe from within, the metal sphere.

    Now, if you remember, the demonstration that shows a difference in potential depends on a charge physically inserted within the sphere by a belt, carrying it to the inside of the sphere, but once inside the sphere, that charge is exactly equal to the center of any sphere but opposite in charge, supposedly at an infinite distance.

    Has any researcher ever done work on that part of Electrostatic to find out if it’s a valid way to look at electrostatics, a perfect way to transmit energy or light, an infinite distance with no losses.

    Have you considered that the skull of a man could be a receiver or the surface of earth could be within its gas envelope, could also be a similar device and could exhibit that same infinite distance spherical receptor as a Vandergrift Sphere. With a field, Zero, inside but able to sense that electric difference of potential at any distance, even from billions of miles & light years away.

    What do you think. I enjoy reading pages like this.tresscatt26@att

  18. Please see Proceedings ESA on Electrostatics 2007. Purdue Unv. or rolandechobirds.com (click on science) Yes! we are now suspecting the electrocstatic force may be involved in the motion of mass on the Earth’s rotational force. Roland

  19. Anti gravity says:

    You may also be interested in

    Megaliths – static electricity – antigravity

    Nikola Tesla once wrote: “The day when science begins to explore beyond physical phenomena, more will be discovered in a decade than over the centuries of its existence.”

    Photographs of incredible discovery can be found online by the use of search engines. On the mountain Shoria in southern Siberia, scientists have discovered a massive wall of granite stones. Some of the huge granite stones weighed more than 3,000 tons and were built into the wall at a height of 40 meters. Zahi Hawass presents a similar case: “Some of the tombs are recessed and covered with rectangular blocks of stone the size of several freight wagons or small houses.” He does not comment on it so it sounds as if it was an everyday occurrence. Under the current interpretation of science, the transport of three-thousand-ton rock blocks was performed by towing ropes. These were then hailed up to 40 meters high by an unknown way. Unfortunately, this is an opinion of many other scientists and it can not stand up to rational considerations. Since the weight of one solid cuboid is 3,000 tons, which equals fifty to sixty-ton tanks, it precludes further discussion.

    This crucial information requires attracting the interest of research students. It needs to be highlighted that current science is unable to explain the lack of information about the transport of oversized rocks. The Granite wall on Mount Shoria will constantly remind researchers that people in ancient times had to solve the movement of rocks under the same natural conditions as those at present. The previously unseen features of one of the natural forces – the electric field, were creating a large obstacle to progress in many fields.

    I consider antigravity as an unknown property of static electricity, without which the transport of oversized rocks would be unthinkable. Isolated cases of people or matter floating weightlessly have been described in history, but are not widely discussed due to the lack of convincing justification.

    There are descriptions of people flying without the help of any technical device. A successful levitation has even been watched by the Emperor Francis I and his courtiers. The unusual hero was a mystic Schindler, who claimed that he can raise himself weightlessly at any time for at least fifteen minutes. The Emperor decided to investigate his claims. The testimony of the success of the test is preserved thanks to the free lord du Prel. The Emperor decided to remove the chandelier in the high hall of the Imperial Castle and replaced it with a hundred ducats. Schindler could keep it if he could get it without the help of any equipment. Schindler has struggled for about a minute as if he was warming up, but eventually managed to grab the money. Then he turned into a horizontal position by the ceiling and laid in space for a few minutes as if he rested after exercise. Finally, he slowly retreated back on the floor.

    The Oregon Vortex is a circle that has a diameter of about fifty yards and exhibits anomalies the current knowledge of science can not explain. Tourists are amazed when they put a glass on a slippery slope and it rolls upwards. Another attraction is a fifteen-kilogram ball hanging on a chain. Visitors can see it hanging “from an angle,” thereby denying the laws of gravity. The sphere is swaying so that it only approaches the centre of the circle. Anyone can push the ball to the centre quite easily, but it is much harder to swivel it to the edge of the circle.

    A similar anomaly is located in Italy near the Pope’s summer residence at the village of Rocca di Papa. The law of gravity does not work for about a hundred meters of a local road. People stop and watch their cars and leave bottles and cans roll up the hill. Local youth are riding on a bike uphill without having to step on the pedals. It is easy to see how a car with the engine off slowly travels up the hill. Nuclear physicist Luciano Gelmi poured water on the tarmac and watched in amazement as the water flowed uphill. Such places are also located in Japan, Poland, Germany and Scotland.

    Antigravity is not easy to believe, but the three-thousand-ton solid rock that was elevated to a height of forty feet leaves little doubt. I think it will be more useful to familiarize students with the unknown characteristics of Oregon circle than having them drag the statues of Easter Island. It would be equally useful not to try to make up justifications of unconfirmed experiments at any cost.

    If you would like to work towards antigravity, it is necessary to realize the fact that the megalithic culture went through the history as a unified group from menhirs to the cathedral, with static charge being the base of matter. Anti-gravity didn’t just fall from the sky, it was the result of the development of ancient civilization and we have to first get to know it. I believe that to gain knowledge about antigravity we first need to explain a wide range of prehistoric mysteries, like who was able to overcome the language barrier and construct very similar megalithic structures throughout the world.

    Large concentrations of menhirs and dolmens in places such as the Golan Heights in Asia or the Caucasus Mountains indicate that, with regard to the population of the areas, dolmens were built disproportionately. The answer may not only lie in the energy reason, but also in the knowledge of other properties of static electricity. Russian dolmens are characterized by a progressive feature – the leading rock has a regular circular inlet opening in itself, thereby further increasing the wall energy concentration. This indicates a growing interest in research in this area. In this sense, we return to each megalithic structure that needs to be thoroughly evaluated. Let me give a few examples:

    Throughout the territory of the Italian island of Sardinia, historians have counted over seven thousand Nuraghes, which are wondrous ancient “beacons.” These buildings are in fact built from large; often several-ton weighing stones laid on each other without mortar, and are hollow in its centre. The essence of all megalithic structures is the racking up material over the energy space to form a common charge. The areas around the Nuraghes contained enough stones, so they were used as a building material. The vertically tapered construction ensures stability, especially when not using mortar – the interior space could be used as dolmens, to supplement the body’s energy. Nuraghes worked as menhirs and other megalithic structures, but their excessive concentration has not been explained. Similar conical structures – called Brooches – were built in Scotland.

    On the American continent people built earthed mounds that have the same function as Nuraghes or dolmens. These were less labour intensive and, in some cases, there was a lack of rocks. In the Czech Republic I noticed an unobtrusive but highly effective battery of static electricity by the river Vltava. It us a two meters high and several meters long stone wall, positioned perpendicular to the direction of water flow. Due to the changes in river flows, the zones of the water flow are in constant contact with the stone wall, which supplies energy. Similar stone walls, reminiscent of landfill stones are found in other places. The construction of energy structures never ceased. It was located mainly in church buildings, through antiquity and the Middle Ages, and remains to our time. It is unbelievable that a huge natural energy remained hidden to the attention of science and influenced us without our knowledge.

    The Golan Heights is an area of about 1250 square kilometres, which is an important water source supplying water to four states. Excessive presence of static electricity can be deduced from a number of megalithic structures. The local circular structure with a diameter of 159 m consists of five concentric circles that are laid out in bulk stones with a total weight of about 37,000 tons. The largest stones used weigh around 20 tons. There are 8,500 other dolmens and menhirs located In the vicinity of this building, the largest of which weighs 50 tonnes and they are up to 7 meters high.

    Sardinia has over seven thousand Nuraghes, the Caucasian mountains about 3,000 dolmens, and there are about 100,000 mounds as well as menhirs and dolmens on the American continent. From this we can deduce that there were millions of megalithic structures built across the globe. These are interesting data, but in order to come to any conclusion it is necessary to obtain more detailed information. It is unthinkable to deal with millions of megaliths, it could be enough to thoroughly examine a few selected sites, especially those where there were transports of millions of multi-ton rocks such as in the Caucasus, Lebanon, and the Golan Heights.

    By the term investigate I mean: photographic documentation, coordinates, altitude, type of local surrounding rock, the type of rock that the megaliths consist of, etc.. If the emegalith is functional, then obtain the size of the aura and the spaces between the three zones to try to identify the source energy of the megalith, and possibly other information required by the specialists. Particular attention should be paid to “balanced rocks”, which may have been a replacement source of a communication structure.

    It is a very time consuming task, but I think the magic word antigravity could work in the same way as the word gold rush. The prospect of high profits from fuel savings due to reduced weight of thousands of aircraft, ships and millions of cars may cause an increased research interest in some business groups. This will be further encouraged that it is nothing new, it is only necessary to reveal something that has already been found in the distant past.

    Answers to your questions can be found on http://www.miroslavprovod.com

    June 2014

    Miroslav Provod

  20. I seldom drop comments, however i did some searching and wound up here Electrostatic Theory is wrong!
    | Our Electric Universe… & Anti-Gravity. And I do have
    2 questions for you if you tend not to mind.
    Is it simply me or does it give the impression like some of the comments appear like they are left by brain dead folks?
    😛 And, if you are posting on additional online sites, I would
    like to follow anything new you have to post.
    Could you list of all of your public sites like your Facebook page, twitter
    feed, or linkedin profile?

    • As we all know… wherever there is motion of mass… there is the electrostatic force (Guass: rolandechobirds.com). We know this “frictional force” is somehow related to the gravitational force, as Newton ponder on in his studies, but as to where the relationship lies… is still unknown. To me the electrostatic theory is never wrong… it is within us all the way to the stars of the unknown universe. As to the brain dead folks… wish them the best in learning more in their studies. I know I always keep learning more throughout my studies. It is a wonderful universe full of knowledge we live in. Victor Roland Mousaa

    • Sincere thanks for your interest… I went to Hollywood LA, we are working on a project that clearly shows our “Everyday repeatable laboratory experiments.” Then connecting these experiments to the gravitational force. We are now beginning to “realize” that the electrostatic force is connected to the gravitational force upon our Earth. (see:website: http://rolandechobirds.com) click in science button.

  21. MickeyG says:

    I am not a scientist or researcher, but it has crossed my mind that light waves travel on the real matter (empty space) and finds it way around what we think of as matter (empty space we see as atoms, etc). Light travels faster in a vacuum, sound travels faster through a solid. This is because of the true nature of each energies true medium. I think we see matter and empty space completely backwards. Just a thought.

  22. Seb says:

    Hi Rob, this may sound stupid, but just wondering if the weight of the vacuum gets any heavier when you have it polarized?

    Very interesting article by the way.

  23. Dan J. Boyd says:

    By “our nearest star”, I’m guessing you mean our second nearest star…?

  24. Yaroslav Barchyshyn says:

    Static(gravity) coming from silicate perovskite.
    Basically pressure applied to it creates a piezo charge, which became a gravitational force. Gravity depends on pressure that applied on Si element and the concentration of Si or silicates. Everything contains silicon or silicates.
    After silicon gone there are nothing left

    Thank you

    • Victor Roland Vargas Mousaa says:

      Clearly, we know we live on the Moho Cover of the Earth, which is made of crystal/silicon. We know it is three to thirty miles thick, and that this plastic balloon we live on is rotating at high speed of a thousand miles per hour. We know, from experimental facts no mass escapes the electrostatic force, not even live human beings! Why? Because everything is electromagnetic in nature. We are beginning to realize gravitons particle/wave theories do not exist! Proceedings of the ESA Annual Meeting on Electrostatics 2007, Victor Roland Mousaa, Inventor, US Patents (electrical) Dec. 2015

  25. Aetzbar says:

    A new physical theory with STW ( Static Time Waves)
    In the beginning was infinite geometric space. This space became filled with Static Time at absolute rest and absolute cold. Static time is strictly quantitative, and does not differentiate between past, present and future. Being quantifiable and measurable, static time is a scientific concept. Static time of 0.0033 microseconds per meter will be measured regardless of the direction chosen.
    Stars move through static time, which does not disrupt their motion. Static time exists but is imperceptible. Static time is the deepest secret of the universe.
    Static time fills all infinite space, eliminating the possibility of a vacuum. Static Time Waves (STW) travel through static time. The speed of STW is 300,000 km/second.
    Aetzbar in amazon
    The Newtonian universe is based on matter and force.
    The Einsteinian universe is based on matter and energy.
    The Aetzbarian universe is based on static time and energy.
    There is no gravity, and there is no gravity waves.
    There is Static Time , and there is Static Time Waves. (STW)
    There is a particles of Static Time.
    Static Time is real and measured.
    Everyone knows the Dynamic Time.
    It is time to recognize the Static Time.

  26. Victor Roland Mousaa says:

    There is a place in Lewisberry, Penn.. where the ball/cars roll up hill in neutroul! We should study it! I believe it is the electrostatic force at work! Victor Roland Mousaa

  27. Bobby Ticer says:

    I think a key principle to consider for your analyses is the “mean free path” one offered by Clausius in defense of the kinetic theory of gases. It relates to flow, dissipation and so forth.

    • In experiments we clearly know… the electrostatic force “attracts” most elements except “hydrogen” and oxygen” atoms… (gases). We need to study Gauss and his laws on the electrostatic force… I sincerely believe.. the rotation of the Earth is creating the electrostatic force on it surface which is then creating the attraction of elements, such as gases on it’s planet.

      • Bob Ticer says:

        Is it that hydrogen and oxygen atoms generally more attached to their present environment or are too free to be attracted? Can they be attracted by abnormal conditions?

  28. I believe, there is little mass and it is too weak to attract to the electrostatic force… more info. would be needed to confirm this theory. But, I sincerely believe Newton was close to understanding gravity, when he mentioned about the “frictional force.” Question: Why must always overcome this “frictional force” on earth to create electricity? (The Electricity Universe) Maybe, it has something to do with gravity???

  29. Bob Ticer says:

    Friction can cause mass to radiate, which can leave a vacuum in its wake, as an attractive force. Consider gravitational force of a gram per centimeter per light speed; it approximates to the value of the Hubble Constant. If we change the mass unit of the gravitational constant to be slightly greater, then the numerical value of the gravitational constant is also slightly increased, as for the Hubble Constant for a distance equal to the diameter of the hydrogen nucleus per light speed to equal the ratio of the gravitational force to the electrostatic force. Changing the mass unit of the gravitational constant neither changes the ratio of masses or the ratio of gravitational force to electrostatic force. There is also an arbitrary unit by which the gravitational and electrostatic forces equate. There is also a probability condition of Quantum Mechanics for the detection of energy. If emitted radiation is only slightly detected according to the Hubble Constant, then the vacuum effect in the wake of its emission and the vacuum fill could be the gravitational effect.

  30. Victor Roland Mousaa says:

    True we know, the vacuum is empty space with particles flying thru them within the universe. We know, mass in motion itself creates an electrostatic force which than creates an attractional field. It seems to me, from experiments from many scientists, any mass slightly smaller than another mass will attract to the larger mass… this also, includes light particles… on a quantum level… I believe, sooner than later… when looking out in Hubble’s Telescope.. we may find, it may be the “frictional force” from our mass in motion creating the gravitational field of our Earth…

  31. Mark slater says:

    See ken wheeler , uncovering the secrets of magnetism . It’s very interesting and his experiments are rather crude but wonderful. An eye opener. He has written a paper he gives freely. It’s worth checking out.

  32. Victor Roland Mousaa says:

    Bob.. 1. We know. the rotation of magnetic balls (electrons) creates flux lines from the motion of it’s mass. 2. We know, we can rotate these magnetic balls east to west.. or west to east. 3. If we rotate one east to west… and another one west to east… we know the negative and positive “attract” each other.. and 4. If we rotate one east to west and another east to west (same), we know, opposites do not attract each other.. 5. Ampere’s discovery clearly demonstrates this conclusion.

    • Bob Ticer says:

      I suspect the Feynman diagram is a convenience for a lack of explanation. A flow of electrons in 2 wires does not seem to make sense by it. Rather, electrons flowing in the same direction lose in perpendicular directions to the wires their interacting momenta for the wires to attract in order to establish a news state of equilibrium. If the currents flow in opposite directions, the interaction between them increases whereby the wires tend to repel. Does this make sense?

      • Victor Roland Mousaa says:

        All we can say… is that we know… Opposites “attract” and like “repel” from each other… It’s negative and positive working with and against each other… thanks to Ampere for discovery this important experiment.

  33. Bob Ticer says:

    The correct answer, which I now know, is the right hand rule and magnetic polarization, but underlying this answer is virtual particle interaction according to Feynman.

  34. Burns says:

    Wow I think youre right. Check what I found here. Totally lines up: http://www.ignaciodarnaude.com/textos_diversos/Anti-gravity%20Propulsion.htm

  35. Seyah says:

    Hi Rob
    See if this helps.
    Seyah/A Field Theory
    How a magnet works…atoms, charge, orbitals…

  36. Eric Ashworth says:

    The electro static force is the force of the material world. Wherever you have structure you have a point of zero gravity. Zero gravity creates mass defect and mass defect creates an electro static force which is of the fourth dimension that is in contact with the inner mass defect that is comprised of a positive and negative charge that occupies a portion of the same space in the same time. Two unequal electro static forces when in a vacuum produce light. Two unequal electro static forces when in the atmosphere produce an electro static medium similar to a vapour.

  37. Koen van Vlaenderen says:

    Hi Bill,

    What is it (in a short description) that you observed that is not predicted by electrostatics theory? I have observed the following:

    The propagation of the near Coulomb field is much higher than ‘c’. One can see this by means of a fast high bandwith oscilloscope, two field probes, a high voltage source (two objects with opposite charge) that will be discharged abruptly. Two field probes held at two different distances from the field source will register a change in electric field during the discharge, made visible as scope signal. One can calculate the disappearance of the electric field is faster than ‘c’, if the probes are not too far away from the source, and on the line of the direction of discharge (not in between the highly charged objects, but close to one of them). Thus, the Maxwell-Lorentz theory predicts an incorrect propagation velocity for the near Coulomb field. John Field (CERN) states that only QED predicts the more or less ‘instantaneous’ Coulomb field interaction correctly, I beg to differ. My GCED theory also explains this superluminal effect correctly, google “General Classical ElectroDynamics” (GCED). So indeed, something is wrong with standard classical electrodynamics theory.

  38. Janis says:

    I didn read anything what’s written here.. luck of time..But if u creat a engine who creats around self vacum,and produce static energy,its gonna fly,we can say anti gravity device…
    Anti-gravity can actually come from creating any system which will use the confusion of matter against the orderly flow of energy. In designing a system to use positive and negative (night and day, the Ancients called it) polarities against each other, a Toroid coil with a caduceus winding can be used to separate these fields-and play them against each other.

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