Time travel

Growing up I used to think a lot about time travel. It was both a mental escape and a complete fascination in the concept. I remember talking to my high school science teacher about travelling faster than light. I reasoned that everything we see is relative. If an object is closer to me than somebody else then I was seeing their future as thereflection of light from the object reached me before it reached them. And they were seeing my past. My teacher dismissed my query by saying these were Einstein’s theories. Pity, I had a lot more questions.

By the age of 18 I had invented a concept for time machine. Without going into all the detail it looked like a flying saucer which consisted of several layers of spinning shells, each layer was suspended in a vacuum and moved vast amounts of charge from the rim to the poles of the device. The theory was that although you cannot move an object through time and space you can move the space which defines an objects position in both time and space.

These days I am fairly certain that it wouldn’t work but I still think it may provide a way of travelling to any point in the universe instantly.

My belief in time travel has waned because of the paradoxes as well as the silly idea of alternate dimensions or time-lines.

For instance, if they invented time-travel anytime between now and the next million years then time travellers would be with us today. And considering how egotistic people are I sincerely doubt that one of these many tourist time travellers wouldn’t let slip he was from the future and try to warn us of our follies or some impending disaster and offer indelible proof. Stephen Hawking came to a similar conclusion. Let’s face it, people are far to egotistic, greedy and stupid to keep such a huge secret.

The other eternal problem is that of causality or paradoxes. The classic example of a problem involving causality is the “grandfather paradox“: what if one were to go back in time and kill one’s own grandfather before one’s father was conceived? All of a sudden you can’t possibly be there to kill him in the first place.

If you believe in alternate time-lines, parallel universesmultiverses or dimensions then it would mean that all the known physical laws governing the Conservation of Energy are wrong. It would mean that every split second wholealternative universes are being created purely on the basis of our individual decision-making. Think of the energy contained in one atom and multiply that by an infinite number of atoms multiplied by an infinite number of possible time-lines. Sounds a bit egocentric to me!

My theory on time is that all matter is fundamentally movement>pressure>density. Matter NEVER stays still so the matter or energy that existed a thousand is still here now, just in a different form. If that matter/energy remained frozen as “the past” then we would be in very serious trouble now. So the ‘yesterday’ as you remember it doesn’t exist outside a recorded impression in your mind.

Time is only a measure of relative movement. If there was only one thing, say a ball, moving in otherwise completely empty space at whatever speed you might imagine, it would have no past, present or future without another reference point. I could go on but suffice to say that time only exists as our consciousness of change.

I strongly believe that one day we will invent faster than light travel. Light is only a wave-form therefore may govern how we perceive the world but does not present a theoretical speed restriction.

But then again I might be completely wrong? the following is certainly a very impressive jargonistic write-up.


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