No. They only travel at 186,000 miles per second while in a perfect vacuum. Light waves travel a bit slower in the air, and it travels LOTS slower when inside glass. Radio waves move much slower than 186,000 miles/sec when they travel within plastic-insulated coaxial cable. The term “speed of light” is misleading, because the complete term actually reads “speed of light in a vacuum.” There actually is no set “speed of light,” for light waves and light (and electrical energy) can travel at many different speeds depending on the medium through which the waves propagate.


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There is a part of my mind that stubbornly thinks about science. I have a life, job, wife and family but without my Van Der Graaf Generator life would be incomplete. I am a great believer that this amazing universe came into being through process: movement >pressure > density > mass. Maybe I believe in an non viscous ether. Anyway this is where I can share my thoughts.

3 Responses to LIGHT AND RADIO WAVES TRAVEL AT 186,000 MILES PER SECOND? (William J. Beaty)

  1. Earth’s population will eventually discover that the three dimensional ether we all live in is strictly defined by the standing frequency that makes it up. Ether has a quantive constant given frequency and the objects within this ether occupy the same geographical area as it at any given time so the difference between the object and the ether is? It is the signature frequency of the series of matter that make up an object or matter that differenciates that object from the ether that houses it while at the same time housing the primary frequency of the ether itself as a foundation frequency. If ether’s standing frequency is for example a given 1476Hz and an atom’s standing frequency is 451Hz then the divided difference between the two [3.272727273] multiplied by its atomic weight will equal the atom’s presence within the ether with of course no ether displacement as the atom is overlaid upon and within the presence of the ether. A padded metal chair is made up of hundreds of different types of matter all with different signature frequencies and then assembled together while the ether around the chair and between each atom of each of the matter that makes up the chair and within each of those atoms has only one presence and one frequency. To send the chair to another dimesion one must simply vibrate the ether aound and inside the chair to a much larger or smaller frequency than the ether’s natural state of frequency which inturn equally changes the vibratory frequency of each matter making up the chair and the chair will “disappear” into another dimension or wavelength. However, attempting to change the frequency of each atom making up the chair without changing or effecting the ether frequency would be fought against by the local ether of the chair and a resistance between the two would occur. The ether naturally contains positive charges and negaive charges going in all different directions at the same time simply polarizing any region with movement of an electrical current or magnetic field then an ocean of endless energy will pour from the ether, zero point energy. Ether also naturally contains the force we call gravity and can be easily overcome simply by over-riding its given strength we’ll say is approximately 289Kv/Ccm such that charging any geographical area of space via certain metals as the conduit to do so at 290Kv/Ccm or higher one has anti-gravity. So then we get the energy from the ether to use against its gravitational force (or a cancelation thereof) and get weightlessness that we then learn to manuver through at many times the speed of light. Now when we add a sellected modulated frequency to the high voltage field of say 300Kv/Ccm we are changing and over-riding the ether frequency and thus any object therein resulting in not only a flying saucer but one that can dimensionally travel to any point in the three dimensional plane we call the universe or ether instantaneously.

    • Hanz
      I will have to read your comment a few times before I completely understand it but suffice to say you have given a great deal of thought to this subject. I appreciate you sharing it with me! It’s clear that we have a very narrow, materialistic view of our universe. In my mind the ‘matter’ is the dross or the shadow of reality. A simple experiment explains this line of thought. Vibrating fine sand on a metallic plate will give you wonderful patterns in the sand. The interesting thought is that the patterns form in the area of least movement or vibration. The sand is pushed out of the way of the movement, so what we see is the negative form of the vibration. I believe this principal is repeated all throughout nature and physics. Though, getting back to your idea of sending a object to another dimension is a fascinating one and something I have given a lot of thought. My belief these days is that the aether is so interconnected that creating the disconnect is almost impossible, a bit like a fish trying to find a dry spot in the ocean. Though still possible! If you can shield the movement or accelleration of the aether, something we experience as gravity, and change the external frequency it may be possible to transport an object instantly to any place in the universe. It is not a matter of moving the object but moving the space which defines the object’s position in space. But we are a long way off this as we still have not solved the gravity riddle. Not sure about the different “dimensions” you talk about. For another dimension to be created it would take incalculable amounts of energy. For the moment this one dimension holds enough puzzles for us to solve.

  2. Rich Johnson says:

    Light speed is measured in a vacuum because space is a vacuum. Light radiation travels from the sun to our planet. Hence, that is the only way it can truly be measured.

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